Now rise and walk,
come on out into the light.
Let your eyes readjust,
you have no blame out here.
Let nothing else burden you.
Tread slowly, now steadily.
Raise your eyes, chin high.
Unslump your shoulders,
stand up tall.
This is the life you were made for.
Welcome Home,
to the Land of the Pardoned.

Welcome Home to the Land of the Pardoned.
It will take some time for us to
retrain your mind and to
live out here with the free.

It’s harder than you might think,
to rest in the trust that
you’ve been forgiven and that
you stand here blameless in Me.

Guilty and sinful no more,
Only beloved, holy and clean,
here in the Land of the Pardoned,
bear no more shame, please, for Me.

So many carry on burdened,
so many reject their new names.
“Child” is traded for “sinner”.
“‘Saved by grace’ makes it new, can’t you see?”

No, I came for much more.
No room for grace like Febreeze.
No stench is left on you to disgust Me.
You’re clean to the core now, believe.


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