I hope they will have lattes there,
In Heaven, I mean.
And if there are, I hope they have
The kind you always liked.
Pumpkin spice was our thing, remember?
It didn’t matter if I didn’t like them,
They were so much better
shared together.

If we were in Heaven
We wouldn’t have to wait in line
We’d stroll right up and order
If we were in Heaven
We’d walk in laughing.
Our lattes would be waiting,
Because we’re fully known.
We’d find the coziest pair of chairs,
With just the right temperature.
We’d cuddle up,
Warm ours hands on our mugs,
And talk.
We’d have so much to say,
And all the time to say it.
There’d be no need to shed a tear,
But healing ones would flow.

If we were in Heaven,
We’d have lattes together.
Jesus would sit with us,
He always did here too.


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