Love this sweet perspective from a dear, dear friend.

life outside the fortress

I suppose this entry demands an explanation, but I’m not going to give it one. It’s half-an-hour past my bed time, and I have to figure out how to get out of this laundry basket. I’ll leave the wondering up to you.

“I sit upon the floor in my kitchen

In a laundry basket

My old-man cat upon my lap.

His sea-blue eyes hidden

Behind closed eyelids.

He is a happy old-man cat

For the moment.

And You are there…


In another space,

I stand merely inches outside

A rotting house;

My back to the history held

In its four walls.

My breaths slow and steady,

Slow and steady.

And You are there…

In yet another reality,

I sit tall upon a throne –

Jade beads across my forehead,

The resemblance

Of a crown.

And my siblings sit with me,

Many and few as they may be.

And You…

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