Come, Friend

hello again.
Do you know what its like to walk with the Maker of the World?
Well let me tell you, He never stops, well.. making. Making things over, making things new.
And now I return to tell you about it, and I realize He’s made me new. He’s made me all over again. And slipping back into this blog is like trying to slide into old clothes that could never possibly fit you again.
But shoot, let’s give it a try.
The thing is, my mind is full, packed to the brim, with things I want to tell you. Things I’ve seen, things He’s shared, things too beautiful to stay locked away.

And I’m no longer afraid.

Its impossibly difficult to express to you the joy that comes with those words.
Do you know what its like to feel afraid? Afraid of judgement, afraid of being wrong, afraid of being alone, afraid of being crazy? Hands should be shooting up everywhere because now I know it isn’t just me.

Legalism has had its strong “holy” hands wrapped around my neck, shutting off any fresh air from expanding my lungs, for far far too long. And like Steven being stoned by the “holy” ones, I looked up into the Heavens with the last remaining strength in me, and I saw Him. And I realized what wasn’t Him; these hands around my neck were far from being His. And in my crazed desperation for Him I threw off that grip and ran Home.

I’m no longer under the thumb of legalism. They can no longer tell me what I can and can’t say to you. That’s for Him alone to say. And on my journey Home I looked back to see so many throwing off their own nooses and running with me. Was that you? I’m so happy you’re here.

Or are you still being choked of the very life they said they’d give you? Come on out, friend. They lied to you. There’s life out here. REAL life. And its the life Jesus came to be able to walk with you. I promise, He wants to walk with you. He’s so beautiful! And the world out here shimmers with His joy. Can you see it? I so want you to see it. If you can’t yet, I hope that’s the journey we can take together. I hope to be able to paint you the pictures I see until you can see them for yourselves and more. Until you can see Him. He’s here. He met us in our world and now He’s calling us Home.
Let us throw off the weight of sin and the nooses of legalism so we can run.
Let us run as little children into the arms of our Father who is so glad to have us Home. Finally home.

come, friend, let’s go.


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