“Oh dear one,
Beloved of the King,
How can you worry?
He has taken care of us,
The quick blue streak against the autumn orange.
He provides safety for my young,
For the ones who will flit for a moment,
and fade unceremoniously.
If He catches each one as they fall,
and lays them gently where they lie,
how much more will He catch yours?
Oh beloved one of the Most High,
can you not see your value?
He made us the color of the sky
just to see the reflection of delight in your eyes.
He made us to dance above the ground
only to watch your heart skip a beat.
If He made me just to give you a glimpse of His love
and yet He clothes me in beauty and grace,
will He not provide for all of your needs?
How much more will He wrap you in righteousness
and let you dance in safety?
Oh dear one of the Star-breather,
when I lie down in my nest,
and pull my young gently under my wings,
do you not feel Him do the same for you
kept warm under the blanket of twinkling suns?

If He keeps me safe from the serpents,
and protects my chicks from the traps they can’t see,
how much more will He catch the stumbling of your child
and keep them from the snares of the enemy?
If He finds food for them as they cry
and wander about for their hunger,
will He not feed your young,
the one who He forms and loves
and calls His own.
Your Selah, your own,
she is beyond loved and beyond safe.
She will dwell in light and grace
with the One who delights in her soul
and smooths the path before her feet.

So, fellow momma,
come and rest.
Let us soar above these amber leaves
and sing at the top of our frail lungs.
For our Father loves us so sweetly,
and you, even more.”


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